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Private 1-to-1 Consultations

Are you new to home education or are you still considering if this may be the right option for you?

Are you concerned about what home education might entail and where to start?
Do you feel you need support?

Whatever your reasons are for deciding to home educate, in the beginning there are many questions:

You may have an idea of what your home education is going to look like, only to find your best laid plans are not going...well quite to plan.
With many years of both personal and professional experience, I can offer you one-to-one consultations to help you get started.

There are a whole range of reasons why families choose to home educate.
Perhaps you just know it feels the right decision because your child was struggling at school.
Maybe you disagree with the 'teaching to the test' and exam culture within mainstream education.
Maybe your child's special needs were not being met or they were worried about bullying?
Maybe they started developing anxiety or social phobias and you have watched them slowly disengage more and more with family, friends and the things they used to like to do.

Perhaps you have already taken positive action and removed them from school, you’ve heard about de-schooling and child-led learning, but you may be looking at a child who seems reluctant to engage in anything.

Maybe you find yourself battling with them to come off consoles or are worried they spend too much time alone in their room.

You may be wondering how you are going to reach out to them and help them start learning again.

I can offer you strategies and step by step approaches that work. Giving you the tools to help your child re-engage with their learning.

Whatever kind of support you are looking for, contact me now and start benefitting from my wealth of knowledge and experience that I look forward to sharing with you.
With personalised support, I can help guide you through your home education journey.  
We can look into any challenges you currently face, explore potential solutions and discuss any other aspect of home education that is on your mind.

Together we can...
  • explore learning resources
  • discover the pathways into further education, college or work that best suits your child
  • discuss how to meet your responsibilities around informing local authority about your home education provision
  • explore ways to connect with other home educating families and activities near you
  • review your learning strategies and ideas
  • explore options available to you at different stages of your child's learning
  • discuss effective ways of home educating children of different ages at the same time
  • seek solutions around balancing your home education with other work and family commitments
  • work to overcome any challenges as they arise
  • explore exam options
  • tackle issues around your child's motivation to learn
  • discover your child's passions and empower them towards becoming fully self-directed learners
  • explore your family's mindset around learning, aiming to best align them together, so as to manage and balance expectations for the family as a whole
  • give you the confidence with your home education, so you can enjoy the freedom it gives you and your family - free from the constraints of old 'school' thinking.

Consultations can be booked as one-off single sessions
Some families benefit from regular ongoing support, particularly in the first few months of starting to home educate. With this in mind I also offer discounts for block bookings.
You will realise just how empowering your decision to home educate can be for the whole family.

I'm really looking forward to working with you.
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